Monthly Archives: January 2018

Random Post 32

Sometimes I don’t understand people with a lack of patience. And just want to get into things right away instead of waiting around. Take WoW for example.

Tuesdays are usually Maintenance and Rolling Restarts. Now people start to complain on the forums about it since its a waste of their time and they find it unacceptable because they won’t be able to play.

But what people don’t understand is that Blizzard has to do what they are supposed to do by fixing things. If things are not fixed, then the game would be filled with bugs and glitches if they stop doing what they are doing because of people complaining.

I think people complain for the sake of complaining. They want to get their own way, and I don’t think complaining on the forums is a good idea. They want to play but they don’t want to wait a very long time to do so. They want to play now and if they don’t, they will rage quit and never play the game anymore.

To be honest, I don’t mind if Blizzard does maintenance or rolling restarts. I can do other things while thats going on but other people will just complain..and complain. I’m just worried that they will end the maintenance early due to the complaints.

Random Post 31

The one problem I don’t like with myself is that, even if I do my best, I get worried that I have to start over from scratch. But the problem is that time is usually not on my side. Most of the time, I don’t pay attention and just sit there staring at my computer.

And well, with something like this, I think its a negative trait. I don’t pay attention very often and when I do, my brain is focused on paying attention to one thing at a time. Because if it pays attention to other things, my brain will just forget what it is actually focusing on.


Random Post 30

Whenever I write a story, I always try to figure out what to add to make the story more action packed or interesting.

Because without any adventure or action it wouldn’t be a story it would be more of an incomplete story.

And you have to make sure the story has the right words or sentence. You don’t want a jumbled up story with only using simple words or words you use over and over again. One example is the word would.

The word can be easily used many times, but it can get annoying pretty quickly. So maybe use it once, then use other words to make the sentence much easier to read for the reader.

And make sure the story is proof read before you do anything else. You may have to fix any errors or someone will point it out for you if you decide to send it to a test audience first to let them read it.

Random Post 29

I sometimes have a hard time focusing on things since I am always doing too many things at once. I want to focus on one thing, and I think the only way to do that is to just completely tune out the other things I am doing and focusing on one thing only.

Because if I don’t do that, I’ll end up not finishing what I really want to do. So hopefully I’ll do that during my french course. If that doesn’t work, then I can confirm that its actually me not focusing on it at all.

If I can do that between now and March I won’t have to worry. The french course ends on March 9th, so that will give me alot of time to do what I have to do until then.

Assignments, Practicing the Audio Tracks 2-3 times every day, Recording the audio tracks, everything else included. And I actually signed up for this because I want to do it. I have to keep reminding myself that.

But most of the time I think that I am just here for the course just to get myself stressed out for no reason. Its not a freebie, I am here to do it for a reason and I’ll have to push myself to do it. Not the best method but I want to focus on this.

I just hope the idea I had in mind works out in the end.