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Random Post 22

To be honest, I really don’t understand about having 200 friends on Roblox. I mean, if its for popularity or something of the sort thats fine but.. i mean, it sounds a bit crazy having that many friends.

Besides, you may not talk to a majority of them at all. And I think you may end up having to clean your friends list if you have that many friends. I try to keep my friends list as low as possible since I don’t want to reach 200 friends.

Sometimes I think the people who do have 200 friends on Roblox will just lose contact with you or end up not responding to you at all. Even if you do say Hi, you will either get a response or you will not get a response.

I think those kinds of people that have so many friends its like.. well, I guess to put in it a way they rather hang out with other people instead of you. I think I may have one of those problems where I want to talk to a friend, but I feel like they pretty much forgotten about me or they just want to play with their other friends.

I know Roblox is a kid’s game and I still play it its just that.. over time people will change and will prefer to hang out with other people. Its kinda like school, you want to hang out with your friends but they exclude you from their group since they don’t want you hanging around with them anymore.

This is really up to you if you want to remove the person with over 200 friends from your friends list. It seems a bit harsh but.. if you don’t talk to them very often or you just want to clean out your friends list then the choice is yours.

Yeah, this post was Roblox related. I love playing the game its just that when you meet people at one point in the game, just keep in mind that you will become friends then over the course of time you will lose contact with them.

Or just not end up talking to them in general. That’s how it works pretty much. Just don’t blame yourself if you choose to do this because you are yourself. You can have your own group of friends to hang out with. I guess thats what makes Roblox.. well an enjoyable game.

Random Post 21

Sometimes, we are not strong enough to face our past or anything in general because of something preventing us from doing so. Maybe its the truth we fear the most, or maybe its something else besides that.

But you can’t hold it back forever. At one point you have to face it and confront it with all the strength you have. You have to be able to face it and fight back with great energy as well. Because this is your life, and you want to wipe the slate clean by moving away from the past.

However, if its holding onto you like a forced grip on your heart or mind you have to break free with everything you got. You can’t let the past haunt you forever. You want to focus on right now.

Don’t let it affect you. Because if it does, you will end up not seeing what the future holds. Call down the thunder, call down the elements, shout out loud, do whatever it takes to break free from the past.

Because the past can’t control you. But you can control it. And you have the power to do so.

Random Post 20

I have a hard time saying whats on my mind sometimes because I get this nagging feeling in the back of my head that doesn’t want me to go through with it. But sometimes, I want to say whats on my mind without letting my emotions get in the way.

But the problem is that you have two options.. say whats on your mind or say nothing at all. But you want to say whats on your mind. But you can’t even if you want to. Because you fear that people will no longer be your friend anymore.

And because you will worry that you will be a horrible person for doing so. But don’t. Because this is all up to you. Say it. Speak It. Shout It out loud if you have to. (Well, I would advise to be careful on that though.)

This is your life. Do what you have to do, even if it can cause consequences in the end. Speak your mind out. Let the words speak for itself.

Because in the end, we are all different. Every single one of us. However, there is one thing I can agree on.. You can’t fix stupid people even if you try to speak your mind. Because if you do, they will get angry with you.

I don’t know if its true or not, but.. yeah. I really should continue doing these.. it makes me feel better to let my typing speak for me. With all its fancy words and what not.

Anyway, thats it until.. next time. Au Revoir! (It means goodbye in French. Learning French is cool.)