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Roleplaying is fun but sometimes it can get a bit annoying after a while. (Or depending how long you roleplay for) What is roleplaying? Well what happens is that you roleplay a character from a fandom and roleplay as them.

Or you can create your own OC (Original Character) If you wish and roleplay as them instead.

But here is the problem with roleplaying. Sometimes the people you roleplay with can get a bit ticked off with you because you didn’t follow what they said. And there is also god modding which means that the person can control your character without your consent.

I do enjoy roleplaying but sometimes, the slightest thing can set you off. And if that person in general gets mad at you, ignore them or just don’t role play with them anymore.

It can also get addicting if you are not careful. Also, if they tell you that “Fine, don’t play anymore.” Then that means that they have an attitude problem because you didn’t follow what they said.

Or they just said that because you left in the middle of a roleplay due to an action not being reacted quickly enough which rarely happens. But to me, if I don’t react quick enough things will happen.

Trust me, you will encounter these people. Mostly online though since they are most common there. Its really up to you what you can do, but you can’t fix stupid. And don’t blame yourself since it wasn’t really your fault.

Because everyone has their own roleplay style. But sometimes you just have that moment where you don’t want to roleplay as that character anymore. Maybe because you don’t have the energy to do it, you just lost the passion or will to do it, or there are your own reasons as to why you don’t want to do it anymore.

But I think it comes down to how long you have been roleplaying the character for. If you want to take a break from roleplaying that character and come back to do it thats fine. But if you don’t want to roleplay as them anymore and just roleplay as someone else thats fine too.

I just think.. its all up to you on what you do. Its your choice, and no one is going to stop you from doing it.

I’m learning that. But sometimes I think that there are better roleplayers out there who can roleplay better as those characters as I can. And to be honest, its hard to say if its true or not. Because I sometimes do a good job of roleplaying. But most of the time I just remain quiet since I don’t usually talk alot.

Maybe its just my heart pouring out all of this, but I am a bit different and I have a hard time seeing that I am not like other people. I am my own person. But sometimes there is that short fuse which I hope doesn’t go off.


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  1. mrcrow

    Roleplaying is a completely personal style of thing. Online even more so. There are too many false personalities out there already, so you always have to be careful. As long as its all in fun, thats what matters.

    You cant fix stupid, but you can try and avoid them 🙂


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