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Alright, now I’m going to talk about something very important. Well, its not really important just something to keep in mind.

Whenever you go onto the forums on a website (Roblox, WoW, etc.) You will encounter those people who are either nice or mean. But most of the time you will encounter those people who troll or flame on the forums for fun. Or just to get people riled up for no reason.

What makes this complicated or at least stupid for this is that even if you try to defend yourself or say whats on your mind you will get lashed at. Or even worse reported or banned for doing so.

Thats why I take caution when fourming. Because this may happen. And its clearly your fault for doing so. Which is stupid since you are the one trying to defend yourself and speaking from the bottom of your heart.

Thats not the worst part about it. You can even get reported or warned for PA. PA means Personal Attack. It means that you are PAing someone because you are speaking the truth.

So its kinda like school. You try to defend yourself from a bully or someone who is being rude, but instead you get called into the office because you tried to defend yourself. Just like that. And it kinda makes me wonder..

Why the hell would you get in trouble for doing the right thing? Because they don’t want any trouble? Or maybe its because you are the bad guy here while the other person roams free and does whatever they want to do?

Thats why I am scared of posting on threads on the forums. Because that may happen to me. Even if I do try to speak out, I’ll get reported or warned for doing so.

The Roblox Forums are bad for that. Ever since the forum merge happened, things have not been very good. Most of the forums we used to use are either wiped out or merged. And.. its getting to the point where foruming is not what it used to be anymore.

Its all.. just a mess and threads get deleted from time to time. At this point, its best if I stop foruming and focus on making/building games and roleplaying. I also have my stories to write as well.

Roblox is fun, but you can’t fix stupid people on the forums. They are the ones who need to be fixed and re think about their life in general.

Thats all for now. It was a long post but.. it was worth the typing. Heres a gif of Steve Rogers from The Avengers movie as a gift from me to you.

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  1. Zayna

    Very interesting take on forums. I think forums have been like that since they were invented. They are a bit representative (although not exactly) of real life…your school analogy is a very good one. Love the line, one MrCrow’s favs, “You can’t fix stupid.” You really can’t. Seems like you’re getting the hang of it. Oh, and your writing is improving all the time. Great essay. 😀


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