Monthly Archives: March 2018

Random Post 34

Sometimes there are things we don’t want to remember from a long time ago. We just want to forget about them. But sometimes, even if you don’t want to remember they will find a way to resurface back into your life.

I have those things that I don’t want to remember from a long time ago. They were mostly related to a game called Roblox. Things are fine now but back then, it was different than expected today.

I do not wish to remember them, but they were really out of control. I even tried to defend myself from those situations but I ended up losing those people who were those so called friends.

That may sound wrong, but thats what I believed happend a long time ago. I am no longer friends with those people but its probably for the best that I just find new friends to hang out with.

Even if those people I used to be friends with a long time ago still blame me for whatever I did in the past.

Which is why I keep a close eye on the people I hang out with and make sure they don’t end up crossing the line on my front. Because they don’t want to see me when I get defensive.