Random Post 25

I always have these dreams about being in one of my favorite TV Shows. And the plot centers around the situation that is going on and sometimes the explaining can be a bit tricky since in the dreams I have I always say that I’m from a different universe.

Like in the French Mistake episode where Sam and Dean are transported into our world and they get back safe and sound. So its like that, but reversed. I’m from a different universe which is our world and I get sent into a different universe depending on what TV Show I get sent to.

Usually the explanation varies on what TV Show’s universe I am sent into in the dream itself. If Its Supernatural it has something to do with a spell or a creature being involved.

If its any other show then I have to think of how I got into that TV Show’s universe. And depending on the dream, I can return back at the end of the dream or just stay in that TV Show’s universe until I am ready to head back thus ending the dream for now.

So kinda like a cliffhanger or ending the dream for now until I am ready to re visit it again. I guess you can say its something that keeps me calm and relaxed.

And the best part is that even though the characters don’t exist in real life, you can imagine them in your head while your dreaming and have one awesome adventure.

Yeah, adventures. Lots of adventures. Saving the world, Solving a case, Going to new locations. the dreams you have expand your horizons. And I like that alot.

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