Random Post 26

I like to write stories because you can write anything you want. Just brainstorm some ideas you want to use for your story and see if it works or not.  The important things in a story are the plot, the settings, the characters and the location.

The title is the most important one too. Depending on the genre of the story make sure the title of the story makes sense.. or at least has some elements from that genre itself.

Sometimes, my stories are either from one of my favorite tv shows or something I just came up with. I prefer writing with some action/adventure elements thrown into the mix.

But when It comes to writing stories from your favorite tv show, make sure to have some elements from that show. If its Supernatural, Monsters and Hunting should be included.

If its any other show, use those elements from the show you are going to write about.

As for the characters, it depends on the story itself. And also If you want to interact with them or not. And if the characters are going to work together to save the day or just want to hang around and party all day.

Or unless you want the characters to fight crime and stop the bad guys from doing what they want to do. The world is your oyster. Use your brain and creativity to write the story.

Take your time writing your story and don’t rush it. Take all the time you need, even if you have to take a break if you are stuck on the story itself.

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