Random Post 27

Sometimes, I always think about my life in general and how it evolved over the course of the years. There were ups and downs along the way but I always manage to pull through and continue living my life.

But as I grow up, I sometimes feel like everything is changing. I’m becoming more mature, and responsible for what I do.

However, I have these thoughts about what I am going to do in the near future. Maybe find a part time job, find an apartment.. things like that.

I don’t feel ready to live in an apartment yet. I’m used to staying where I am. Its a bit scary thinking about moving to a new place.

And sometimes I don’t like change either. I prefer staying in my own environment and being around the family and friends I care about most.

Even if I don’t talk to my friends very often. I want to go and make friends but I have a hard time doing so because I fear that people will judge me for who I am and what I like and such.

But maybe if I am with the right kind of people I’ll become friends with them. Or well, someone they can talk to if they are having problems or they just need a shoulder to cry on.

I’m a friendly person who is willing to do anything. I guess the one thing I’m afraid of is seeing something bad happen in front of my eyes.

And well, I’ll blame myself for it. Just like Dean Winchester.

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